Biggest Security Concerns from the Physical World of Tech

4 Biggest Security Concerns from the Physical World of Tech

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I find that when discussing this topic in academic or television programs, it necessarily corresponds to writing a sci-fi movie. And that’s good. Because good futuristic movies like Terminator, Robocop and Star Trek series show very likely concerns. With the tremendous progress made in I.T, the chances of a machine recovery are not so unlikely. And this article is in many ways an extension of the theme it focuses on. But with a few extra doses of my personal ideas, of course.

On a Somewhat Personal Note…

At this point, I would like to point out a curious case where modern technology, in addition to giving value, can also have scary results!

When I became a university, my father bought me a microwave. My parents were well aware that I was a terrible cook. And such a mess in the kitchen that they knew I could live with pre-cooked foods. So the fact that they gave me a microwave was obvious.

On Microwaves, Spying, and the Security Concerns of Technology

In my junior year, the presidential election in 2016 was full swing. And an optional comment from a campaign affiliated with former Republican candidate Donald J. Trump was enough to put me in an emergency.

At one of his caucus meetings, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway noted that his microwave was making fun of his boss. Based on the fun way she described the case, the media got a boost for the comment. But some software security experts on television have expressed concern. They did not see the matter in comic light as it was depicted. And instead, they went to the New York Times to explain their duties.

An Expose’ that Threatens Us All

Although this study is still ongoing and the Russians are currently being detained, it requires further public scrutiny. And especially the fear that illegal entities, such as microwaves, usb connector, toasters and coffee machines, are being used by illegal as spy tools.

And I feel that time will tell how easy it is for smart coders and machine experts to violate our privacy. In an IOT-related world where all brands of hardware are, I fear it is very difficult to remain anonymous. Even more than today; With social media apps like Facebook and Instagram “innocent”, we document each move.

Four Biggest Security Concerns of Emerging Technologies

The following are the four main ways in which physical technologies (including all types of hardware) are needed to cause systematic security disturbances. And the problems of privacy protection from this angle will soon be the last concern of the population.

1. More Incisive Privacy Breaches

Breach of privacy should become more common if it is not inevitable. And more sophisticated A.I algorithms embedded in social media interfaces can be an important tool for solving this problem. In addition, there is a great potential risk for the training of consultants specializing in hacking, especially regarding the exchange of personal information.

2. Malfunctioning Devices – and Physical Damage

The failure of the machine architecture, just as the problem is presented in several Hollywood fiction productions, is a futuristic problem that will affect all of us. And this problem may be due to software and hardware failure. It’s even likely that hackers expert manipulate certain devices to perform many murders.

3. Software Lapses

With regard to security cameras breaches, the software is one of the most common methods for obtaining limited access to users’ private profiles. And it is expected that the problem will occur faster in the coming decades.

4. Covert Human Profiling

Using a number of secretly installed devices, professional hackers can perform sophisticated human profile sessions. The data collected from these routines can then be used by various commercial organizations for the public (marketing). 

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