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p_stainless-steel-undermount-kitchen-sink-tz1620-1-198x198.jpg p_1520-5-198x198.jpg Whether you are building, remodeling or replacing, bar faucets and prep sink faucets are a great way to give your wet bar or kitchen island prep sink full functionality and style. Wet bar sink faucets and prep sink faucets are reduced in size to match the size of your kitchen island prep sink or wet bar sink. Many homeowners choose standard flow kitchen faucets for the very reason you brought up. If you need to fill large pots, in most cases it’s convenient to have a little extra water flow to fill up the pot a little faster. Plus, that water is being used for cooking, not running down the drain.

But, for bar sinks where there may be more rinsing than filling, a water-saving faucet is a good choice. You want to look for a kitchen faucet that has a maximum flow rate of 1.8 gallons per minute to save some water.

A good choice for a kitchen/ bar sink is a high-efficiency faucet that includes touchless on/off features.

Perks of a Bar Faucet

It’s becoming increasingly popular to install a modern kitchen faucet and sink into your current bar setup. While installing a bar sink and faucet may not seem like a necessity, there are plenty of added benefits that prove it to be an advantageous upgrade. Here are just some of the perks of installing a bar faucet:

Extra Sink Space

p_PY-PS1512-198x198.jpg p_stainless-steel-undermount-kitchen-sink_db125_gal-198x198.jpg

Although smaller in size, bar faucets and sinks give you an extra space to work with. If you can, install a bar faucet in a convenient location, like the kitchen island. It’s the perfect place to wash and prep veggies. Having a bar faucet and sink will help keep your fresh ingredients away from any dirty dishes in the main sink. It’s also ideal for setting up space for an extra pair of hands when making dinner.

Instant Hot Water

Installing a bar sink and faucet can give you instant access to hot water when hooked up to a hot water dispenser. An instant hot water dispenser does just that: gives you immediate access to hot water. That way you can drink your cup of tea without putting the kettle on, no waiting required.

p_WC12S1920-198x198.jpgp_stainless-steel-undermount-kitchen-sink_db127_1-198x198 (1).jpg

Filtered Drinking Water

Bar faucets can also be attached up to a cold water dispensers and water filters, providing you will cool, refreshing drinking water right then and there. Hooking up a regular sink to a water filter will reduce the flow of water, which can be troublesome and annoying. It’s best to avoid doing this if you use your regular sink for washing pots and pans. However, bar faucets are ideal for installing a cold water dispenser since they already give off a small, steady stream.

No matter when you want to wash dishes in the kitchen or take a shower in the bathroom, you certainly will use faucets. The faucet makes our life convenient and comfortable, and nowadays it becomes an indispensable item in our daily lives. And how much do you know about faucets? How does a faucet work? Following are some simple instructions about faucets.

There are four main types of faucets include compression, ball, disc and cartridge. The compression faucet is an old type faucet. It was popular in many families due to its cheap price. But it has a big disadvantage, and the compression faucet is very easily to get broken. The ball faucet has a typical feature that it has a single handle on top of the ball. The disc faucet usually

p_stainless-steel-undermount-kitchen-sink_db127_1-198x198.jpg p_top-mount-kitchen-sink-hts-1917_3-198x198.jpg

has round and wide body. And it also has a single lever. Now there are more styles of the disc faucet to choose from. Some high-tech disc faucet is very modern and stylish. And the last one is the cartridge type. People always cannot tell cartridge faucets from compressions ones. The two look like in appearance. But you can easily tell it by turning it on or off, and you certainly feel much better when you use a cartridge one. This kind of faucet has two popular styles, and one is the double knob and another one the single lever.

Different types of faucets have different functions. And each style works a little bit different from another one. The compression has a simple operating principle. It relies on a stem. The stem will go through a washer. When the knob is turned on, it comes up allowing the water flow; when the knob is off, it will come down to close the water flow. A high quality stem will make a compression faucet durable. The ball faucet has a slot inside, and the slot control the water flow. As this type has many parts, it is most like to get leaky. Disc one has a good design, and it has two ceramic discs to control the water flow. The cartridge also has a stem to regulate the flow. But it has an extra single handle to mix temperature.

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