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Top 5 Best Romantic Things to do in Jodhpur

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Jodhpur is well known as “Gateway to Thar”. There are many famous forts, shopping streets, lakes and multiple temples here. From an aerial view, it looks completely blue in colour because of the blue houses and blue walls. This is the perfect place for couples who are in love. Jodhpur is the best place for adventure and stay.

Here is the list of best romantic things to do in Jodhpur:

1. Mehrangarh Fort:

Mehrangarh Fort is one of the sizeable forts in India. The most well-stocked museum of Rajasthan is located in Mehrangarh Fort. Few temples like Nagnechiji temple and Chamundi Mataji Temple is located in this beautiful fort. Some of the famous activities like zip line are present here. It is the best romantic place to visit in Jodhpur.

The fort extends over an area of 5 km and is built on a 125 m high hill on the outskirts of Jodhpur City. There are seven gates that can be used to enter the Mehrangarh Fort. These 7 doors are made by different rulers and are built in honour of the victory over the Bikaner and Jaipur armies.

2. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park:

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park is a 72-hectare park. The natural diversity is known for native species. You can spot the reptiles, butterflies, migratory birds around Devkund Lake. You can have the most pleasant temperatures during the early morning or late afternoon. Located in a large area near the famous Mehrangarh Fort, the park is an ecologically restored area in the hope of restoring the desert ecology that once existed in the area and has been extinguished over the years.

3. Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum:

Umaid Bhawan Palace Museum is 75 years old architecture. The museum is well adorned with pics of Art-Deco interior and vintage clocks. It houses unusual household paraphernalia, artistic murals, opulent miniature paintings which are not available in today’s market.

The palace is mainly divided into three compartments, namely the royal residence of the Maharaja, a museum and a heritage hotel. The beautifully designed paintings and furniture by Stefan are still well preserved here. This is the construction of India’s last empire.

4. Mandore Garden:

Mandore Garden is one of the tourist’s attractions in Jodhpur and also known as the best romantic place. An amazing garden with royal cenotaph attracts tourists to experience the architectural style and attraction of the park. Spending time in this park will be relaxing and fun in a good atmosphere. It contains lucent colorful images of 300 million deities and gods in the temple.

A group of 16 folk heroes are carved on a single rock, which is known as ‘Hall of Heroes’. The Government Museum in Mandore Gardens is another attraction. This museum presents the artifacts and ancient relics of this region. Almost all objects and objects found in this area are protected in this museum.

5. Kaylana Lake:

Kaylana Lake is a manmade Lake built-in 1872 by Pratap Singh. It is spread over an area of 84 and is at a depth of 35-50 feet. This is the best place to be visited by couples, families, enthusiasts and birdwatchers. It is surrounded by majestic Aravali Knolls. It is the sole source for providing drinking water to the city. This place is frequently visited by foreign tourists and locals.

The primary outflow of the Kaylana Lake goes to Umaid Sagar and Takhat Sagar. Also known as Pratap Sagar, the area around this lake was once populated by wild bears. It was a safe hunting ground for royal members.

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