Difference between a Blog and a Website

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Difference between a Blog and a Website:

When someone gets into the world of Digital Marketing and has to start something new, some want to create their own website, while some want to start a blog. And then come most of the people, who are not sure to create which of the two as they are not sure of what actually is the difference between a website and a blog. So here we will give you a slight insight into the basic differences between a blog and a website.



Blogs focus more on the content, which basically, means that these are information driven. New information is updated on blogs every now and then, this does not just ensure that the blog would be updated from time to time, but also helps call the robots so as to crawl, index and cache the website in order to come to the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Whereas when we talk about websites, the content once put on the websites, stays there for quite a long time. Let us take an example of the company Coca-Cola. Do you think that the Privacy Policy, or the Disclaimer, or the About the Company or even the Contact Us Page gets updated every now and then? No, is the obvious answer and also the correct one. Which also is the reason why consumers trust such brands because if the information on these pages would be updated from time to time, that would mean that the company is unstable.


This is the reason, why these pages are not usually updated frequently, but this would also mean that because it is so, the fresh content won’t be updated on the websites because of which the robots would stop visiting it and the rank of the website would come down. To avoid this from happening and to stay on the top of the Search Engine Results Page, what the companies do is that they integrate a blog page on their websites. Doing this hits two birds with one stone. Firstly, the reputation of the website remains good, because the content on the website remains the same, at the same time the blog page being updated every now and then ensures the frequency of robots visiting the website stays too. So if you do this, you do not have to choose between a website or a blog, rather you use one to integrate the other one and generate more benefits for yourself.


One more basic difference between a blog and a website can be seen, by looking at the content of the homepage. Wherein the content on the website remains more driven by the theme and type of website, say the company that we chose, Coca-Cola, would just have the content which is all about the brand itself. Be it telling about its products or its services or any more such things, just related to the brand whereas in a blog, say Buzz Feed. For Example: the information that is provided on the home page is of various types, while the niche remains about providing informative content, but still, the kind of information it shares varies and is put under different heads. Blogs, websites, search engines, technically all of them are websites, categorised under various names in relation to what they are used for.



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