How to Feel More Loved? Free Love Horoscope (Based on Signs)

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 It’s no surprise that everyone desires to have a fruitful love relationship and has a picture of it in their mind. It is often seen that even after finding your dream partner you don’t feel satisfied.

This is usually because we have a very vague picture of what we need from a love relationship and are always struggling between our wants and needs.

Luckily, Free Daily Love Horoscope can help you understand what you want from your love relationship, and you can always seek help from zodiac true love today to find out more about your love life.

The article below will help you analyse your personality traits and will help you find out what you are missing in a love relationship. Whether you are single or taken, find out your real love compatibility as per your Zodiac sign and learn more about your wants and needs in a love relationship.


Ruled by the planet of motivation and action, Mars, you are extremely passionate about everything you do. Your energetic nature lights up everybody’s life around you. To enjoy a healthy love life, you want your partner to match the same energy level; otherwise, the spark will fade down with time.

Little adventures, unplanned dates, and little surprises are what keeps you going in the relationship, feels your true love astrology. You are instantly attracted to a person who challenges your competitive spirits. You love acknowledgments and someone who can acknowledge your achievement wins your heart quickly.


The earthy element of your sign makes you more practical and logical and less flirtatious, but that does not mean that you are emotionally disconnected. Ruled by the planet of love Venus, you do enjoy everything which speaks of love and beauty, but that is mostly towards materialistic feelings rather than emotional. You like being gifted by your partner and also appreciate their concern and care.

Being the most sensual of all star signs, you are more compatible with someone who is very well-put-together. Cozy mornings, sweet cuddles and little acts of physical connect are what you look for in your partner.


You tend to lose interest very quickly, so someone who can win your attention every time is what you need in a partner. You are more connected with people who can adjust to your busy schedule. For you love is an act of intellectual stimulation, and you love being with someone who can teach you new things. A relationship where there is always something new to learn is your kind of relationship.

More than gifts, you feel adored when your soulmate listens to you attentively and responds thoughtfully. A small act of love like a surprise dinner date, new bedroom ideas is what brings you closer to your partner.


You are either involved fully in a relationship or are entirely disconnected. When someone starts trusting you, you can go miles to make them feel comfortable and secure, and your love intensifies when your partner reciprocates your feelings positively. Your ideal partner is one who can effectively communicate with you and does not rush.


You love attention and are most comfortable with someone who puts you in the spotlight. A little show off on Twitters, sweet text messages and a little kiss early morning, amplifies your love for your partner. With your generous nature, you enjoy it when your partner efficiently reciprocates your feelings.


You are usually more concerned about your partner’s feelings and work continuously to keep them happy. However, at times you feel a little disappointed when your efforts are not appreciated well. When your partner goes an extra mile to help you, you feel elated. You enjoy it when someone shows their more profound attention towards you.  As per Zodiac true love you believe in working together with your partner for a better future.


A person who loves being in your company for longer is a perfect match for you. Someone who matches you intellectually, can get into interesting conversations and has a good sense of humor is always on your golden list.

Amongst the 12 star signs, you prioritize your relationships the most and appreciates when your partner gives you your space in the relationship. Someone who goes out of their way to recognize your efforts and achievements wins your time and is indeed your true love as per your zodiac sign


In a relationship, you want openness from your partner but take much longer to become transparent. For you, your ideal partner is the one who is patient and does not force you to rush into things. When you feel loved and trusted by someone, you end up having the most passionate and intense relationship of your life.

Physical connection and a strong sense of intimacy are what makes your relationship stronger. Your ideal partner must be able to match your emotional desires along with physical needs.


Commitment is something that you most fear about in a relationship. You need your own space and a little bit of freedom to grow along with your partner. You are blessed with the ability to come up with great ideas and a person who can understand your concepts, help you achieve them is the one made for you.

You like doing things your way and do not appreciate anybody correcting you. A person who can provide you with love by looking past your rough and blunt attitude is the perfect match for you.


Mostly difficult to reach, #Capricorns seems quite cold in their nature. However, you appreciate when someone put in extra efforts to seek your attention. A casual flirtatious relationship is not meant for you, and only serious ones are worth enough for investing your valuable time, and if someone can prove their feelings for you, they win over your heart.

A reliable partner who is flexible enough to accommodate your rigid attitude is your ideal match as per your true love compatibility.


You mostly feel disconnected, and the people around you do not always appreciate your detached nature. However, this perfectly works in your favor as you do not believe in love at first sight, for you to get into a relationship, you need time. A friendship grown over time into love is what provides deeper feelings and a significant level of intimacy.

Someone who is not judgemental and appreciates your ideas and thoughts is sure to win over your heart.


Being the most emotional of all Zodiac signs, you frequently experience sudden mood shifts. You prefer being yourself in the relationship and have endless love and compassion to offer to your partner. Get married this year?

Deep inside your flirtatious nature are real feelings, and someone who can explore them is your match of true love. Someone who can comfortably accommodate your ever-changing emotions and provides a feeling of security is the best match for you feels your true love astrology.

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