Men’s Style Essentials for Summer 2018

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Men’s Style Essentials for Summer 2018

As a guy, I’ve always been big on fashion. And the reason behind this psychological orientation would not be hard to fathom – if you were to know anything about my family background. My parents were responsible for dreaming up and putting together one of the most famous men’s clothing brands in the U.S. My father, back when he was a precocious, Mid-Western, high school pencil doodler, had always exhibited a passion for the fine arts.

And it was only a matter of time before he came across a simple piece of cotton fabric (lying neglected in a local men’s tailor shop), which he completely transformed into a wearable artwork using his creative acumen. My mother inherited – some say assimilated – this decorative germ upon marrying him. And the rest, as they say, ‘is history’. I regularly like to keep track of the news stories pertaining to our fashion retailer through my Frontier Deals internet connection. And generally, I don’t mind saying that I really like what I read!

Rescuing Men’s Fashion from its Cornered Cultural State

Nowadays, and in keeping true to my family’s worldly trajectory, I’ve also started to pay some attention to the ‘nitty gritty’ of the fashion world. Whereas in the past I’ve always been focused more on the broad cultural trends that constantly dominate the fashion industry; the minor details of this business now tend to interest me more. With all the design innovations and hard production/marketing dollars prioritized towards women’s clothing and apparel, I feel that men’s fashion has generally taken a regressive downturn. And in my book, this is not a positive cultural development in any way that you choose to look at it.

The argument that ‘men will be men’ is flawed and terribly dated, and if I may dare to state it, completely sexist. I agree with the assessment that most men, provided that they keep an abiding interest in their personal grooming, fitness and hygiene, do look good in plain khakis, navy blues, faded whites and denim blues. But that doesn’t mean that other colors – particularly when they come bared on certain nontraditional kinds of men’s clothing – should be dismissed.


Colors and Clothing Styles Have an Effect on both Male & Female Psyches

Colors, like different pieces of clothing, invoke certain personality traits in their wearers. The psychological effect of a yellow or pink-colored polo shirt will be different on a man when compared to a woman. But one thing that everyone, for the most part, can agree on is that the individuals who choose to wear these clothes will be somewhat more mellowed in temperament. At least more so than if they had worn a pitch black or blood (passion) red covering.

In a similar way, a man dressed in polos and shorts will give off (and experience) a more casual and easy vibe than one decked-up in a tuxedo. A woman attired in a formal pantsuit (of Clinton and Angela Merkel fame) will appear different than one tight-fitted in a low top and skirt. This pairing off of clothes & their corresponding signals, as they come accompanied with distinct messages for the wearer and his/her audience, is practically endless.


Men’s Style Essentials for this Summer Season

In this section, I’ve listed three clothing essentials that you – as a 21st century, new-age man – should invest in for your summer wardrobe. These choices are not too ‘over the top’ to leave you feeling embarrassed in front of your acquaintances. At the same time, they pack just the right amount of pep to place you firmly into the sweeping fashion currents of the new millennium.


  1. Go Chino Shorts all the way…

Chino shorts have taken an upswing in men’s clothing sales recently, and for good reason. Because these pieces of lower body equipment give just the right kind of signaling when worn by mostly any guy on the street. And this becomes especially true when they come in neutral khaki, faded white and pastel green shades. As a rule, and particularly if you’re past the age of 35, try to avoid flamboyant shades like pink, light green and orange. Based on my professional expertise as a fashion curator, I have seen very few men who are truly able to carry them without inviting even a hint of a raised eyebrow or sideways smirk.


  1. Get those Striped Tees while the Sales are Going

Since it’s the summer season, and you will most probably be headed for your neighborhood town parks or beaches, you need to don a light top. No thick and coarse cottons or polyesters will do. What you should go for is a couple of thin, striped tees. These are all the rage nowadays in most men’s clothing outlets. And you should get them while the store aisles are still lining with them.


  1. Buy Polos for Acquiring Some Grace

You need to buy polos if you’ve got a keen sense of grace that constantly troubles you. These popular chest concealers have withstood their appeal through the decades. And in my humble opinion, they will still be in style for as long as the concept of the ‘classy man’ abounds in Fashion Street!

Just last week, I re-watched the hit 90s flick Clueless several times through my Frontier TV subscription. I did this because I was searching for some lost inspiration – some fashion wisdom of a previous decade to revive my little grey cells. And I have to say that I found numerous ideas for this year’s men’s fashion week through this exercise; all of which involve the above-mentioned clothing apparel in one way or another.


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