iPhone and iPad Screens Crack

10 Reasons iPhone and iPad Screens Crack

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iPhones are THE best invention since sliced bread – maybe even better. You can use an iPhone for everything, from basic cell phone activities like browsing the web, texting, calling, or going on social media to things you’d never think about, like using the compass app to straighten out picture frames.

All good things must come to an end though, and your iPhone is no exception. There are a lot of reasons why you might need iPhone repair, and perhaps the most popular reason to need this service is because you have cracked the screen on your iPhone.

We’re going to discuss the top ten ways this can actually happen, and preventative measures you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

1. The Big Fall

Dropping your iPhone is without a doubt, the number one cause of cracked screens. You can drop your phone in a number of ways – holding too many things at once, carelessly holding your device, having it slip out of your bag, and an endless amount of other reasons.

How Can I Stop This from Happening?

Get a protective film for your iPhone – this screen can be placed over your actual iPhone screen to prevent cracks and dents from happening.

2. The Slippery Slope

Even if you carry your iPhone with care, you might still place it on a slippery surface and have to deal with your iPhone sliding to the ground, shattering its display.

How Can I Stop This from Happening?

It’s pretty easy to mistakenly place your iPhone on a slippery surface, which is why you should also get a protective case for your iPhone in addition to a protective screen cover. This small wonder will protect your whole phone and keep it safe from harm so you don’t wind up at the iPhone repair store again.

3. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

If you leave your iPhone on the ground, you just might step on it, particularly if you have a cluttered house or room that has things all over the floor. Stepping on your iPhone will obviously place an enormous amount of pressure on this tiny device, causing the screen to shatter.

How do I Prevent This?

Have a designated place for your iPhone – on your bedside night table for example. Try to choose a flat surface so it won’t slip, and one that is cool so your battery won’t burn out too quickly.

4. Child’s Play

Handing your iPhone over to a child in your care might seem like a good idea if you need to keep them occupied for a while, but young children might drop the phone themselves, or try to take it apart to see what’s inside.

How do I Prevent This?

Don’t let a child be in possession of your iPhone – hand the kid you are watching a book instead. Too many children are getting too much screen time anyway when they should be reading.

5. Extreme Temperatures

If you leave your iPhone in an area where the outside temperature has gone from really hot to really cold, or vice versa, your iPhone display could shatter.

How do I Prevent This?

Luckily, you probably won’t be in the middle of such a drastic, quick temperature change, But never leave your iPhone outside unattended either way.

6. Keeping it in the Back

Many of us keep our iPhone is in our back pockets – especially men, who don’t like to carry man purses. It’s easy for an iPhone to slip out of a back pocket when you sit down and fall onto the floor, causing dents.

How do I Prevent This?

If you keep your iPhone in your back pocket, always do a “pocket check.” Tap your hands on each of your pockets to ensure that you have taken your iPhone out of your back pocket before you sit down. With a bit of mindfulness you can get into this routine and prevent your iPhone from slipping out.

7. Car Roof Runaways

If you have left your iPhone on the roof of your car, along with your groceries, and driven away, you’re not alone. It happens to the best of us.

How do I Prevent This?

Like the previous suggestion, do a “pocket” or “purse” check. Tap your hand on your pockets or have a designated place in your purse for your iPhone to live in and tap on that. Get into the habit of doing this regularly so that you don’t put your iPhone in danger, lose it, or leave it somewhere insecured.

8. Slam!

Again, the best of us have slammed our iPhones down on a hard surface after a frustrating call or text, or we simply have handled our phones too harshly. This sudden increase in pressure will cause your iPhone’s screen to crack like an egg.

How do I Prevent This?

Remember the value of your iPhone – how much of a cash investment it was, and how important it is to you, every time you pick it up to use it.

9. Sitting on Your Phone

Many of us have sat on our iPhones, cause the display to crack in half. This is in part to keeping it in our back pocket, or tossing it on the couch and coming back and sitting down.

How do I Prevent This?

Again, do a “pocket check” and also keep your iPhone in a designated area as mentioned before to prevent this from happening.

10. Getting Low Quality Screen Repair

Saving a buck or two on an iPhone that already has a cracked screen may seem like a good idea now. That mall kiosk might seem pretty tempting when you are holding your wallet in one hand and an iPhone in another. But undercutting the expense of a proper screen repair will just result in another cracked screen, and soon.

How do I Prevent This?

Always check out the reputation of the store you are thinking of frequenting and ensure they use high quality replacement parts by asking the technicians.

Dealing with a cracked screen is a pretty common issue. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have decreased your chances of dealing with another cracked screen again.

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