Rich Communication Services For Mobile Network

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Rich Communication services is the net technology applied on mobile network technology to enhance the better experience of call services. With many benefit, RCS (Rich Communication Services) now provide HD quality in both video and voice call services. This makes the mobile calls more enhancement, reduced call drops etc. RCS is the communication protocol between mobile network barrier and smartphone barrier. RCS makes the calls richer in both communication with voice media and other multimedia. RCS was developed by GSM association.

RCS aiming to provide multimedia calls aka called Video calling services with the help of VoLTE 4G smartphone network. This is very interesting to provide the best services in mobile communication technology. Instead of just a mobile network, data is used for communication and that will be world wide in RCS. There are a lot of android apps like live video and voice apps that uses the RCS to provide the better communication between the users. In india, Jio is the network to be first with RCS where their app Jio4GVoice for video and voice chat makes the best ever services. Official site provides the clear guidance on using the RCS enabled app.

What is RCS?

Already stated RCS in simple words is an enhanced messaging that uses for both SMS and MMS. With the help of compatible app, make it more enhanced messaging experience.supports the transfer of more and more media files like images, videos, audios etc instead of just text messages. No matter the size of the media files. RCS supports the media files with some limited file size when compared to the traditional old messaging system, though standard messaging system allows you to send the media files of maximum 2MB size.

Now many leading android apps in the market like whatsapp,skype , messenger etc are using RCS.

Features Of Rich Communication Services

Secure End to end encryption

For better communication allowed by the RCS, there may be some of the doubts arises when we are communicating with large media files, is there any security. Yup, RCS provided the end to end encryption so that the communication and data are highly secure.

Media Rich Communication

As the name suggests, RCS provides the media rich communication. Use media files like image files, audio files, voice messages, video messages etc are supported by RCS. It enables interoperatable, enriched communication services with multimedia capabilities beyond voice and SMS.

Fast and Reliable communication

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