What is the Difference between Sales and Marketing?

What is the Difference between Sales and Marketing?

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What is the Difference between Sales and Marketing?

Marketing and sales are one of the most crucial concepts in the business realm. They are the defining terms for the success or failure of any business. Even though both marketing and sales are the concepts that aim at revenue generation and both of these terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to different concepts. Since these concepts are interlinked, small firms depend on same people for taking care of both marketing and sales responsibilities.

But as the businesses grow, they require focus on both concepts separately and thus, the business owners hire different people for each type of the business responsibities. The grouping of the two concepts is so common that it becomes very difficult to understand them separately. However, they are very important concepts and every businessperson should understand them in depth.


If we look into the definitions, we will come to know the slight difference between the terms of marketing and sales. Sales basically refers to the process of transaction where the buyer receives goods or services in return of money that he/she gives to the product owner. On the other hand, marketing refers to all the activities that a business perform in order to have more customers including advertisement, market research, and building better relationship with the customers. These are the basic definitions. Let’s understand things in detail.

Difference in the Approaches

Sales is the backbone of any business and the magnitude of the sales determines the success and growth of the business. However, to generate sales, businesses need to work on the marketing strategies. Marketing focuses on an overall planning about business promotion, product awareness, distribution, price and so on, whereas, sales only focuses on attaining the sales objectives of selling the product.

Marketing is a long term approach that makes a business gain loyal customers by working on making the whole cycle from researching about the customers’ demand, promotion, client relationship, to product distribution more efficient. All these efforts are made to ultimately increase the sales that usually take place between two individuals at stores and shops. Having a strong sales strategy is good for selling the product when it is already in the marketplace. The benefits from good sales strategy are not persistent, but marketing on the other hand is a long-term strategy and paybacks the business in the long run.

Relationship between Marketing and Sales

Since the marketing and sales are interrelated, we need to discuss how marketing plays a role in increasing the sales. Marketing tends to build a product identity that attracts potential consumers and retains the old customers. This encourages sales by influencing customers’ decision while standing in a mall or at shop and choosing a product to buy.

Role of Digital Marketing

There are a number of marketing strategies that businesses use to promote sales and improve customer relationships. Digital marketing is the top strategy used by businesses as internet is a great marketing platform. It allows the businesses to reach out to billions of people at once. An online platform is available 24/7 and the consumers can reach out to you at any time. Moreover, interacting through digital platforms allow the businesses to have a better understanding of their consumers and potential buyers. All these factors contributes to increase the sales.

Wikipedia as Marketing Tool

However, to have all these benefits of digital marketing, businesses have to make a consistent presence on the internet. Wikipedia is a very effective way of making a consistent presence over the internet. Wikipedia always makes it in the top search results on the google and this makes sure that your page will reach out to a diverse and huge audience. You can hire wiki editors for creating your page to market your product in a credible and permanent way.

Social Media as Marketing Tool

One way to make a presence on the internet and reaching out to more and more potential customers is through social media. Social media platforms are good for understanding your customers as it allows the interaction and provides a chance for the business to overview the interests and demands of the customers. They are also a good platform for getting a feedback on your products and strategies.


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