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Tips To Score High In IELTS Speaking Module

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A lot of candidates who take IELTS test says that speaking is the hardest section,  one because it involves face-to-face communication. But a few of them knows that, Speaking is the easiest section of IELTS to improve your score. You may think, “But how? Interviews are so spontaneous! I just won’t have enough time to plan a good answer. Moreover, I’ll be worrying…”.

But here I want to say that, yes, It’s true, speaking interviews are spontaneous. Just like you, all test-takers are worrying and don’t have much time to plan their answers. And examiners are used to that, so they don’t expect you to speak like an orator. They don’t even expect you to give very logical and structured answers! You’re only tested on your ability to:

  • Avoid grammar mistakes
  • Pronounce words well
  • Speak fluently and without hesitation
  • Use various vocabulary

You can learn more about speaking like how IELTS Speaking is scored. So you can achieve 8 band and more in IELTS Speaking by practicing and learning vocabulary.

Apart from this, you can do another thing to improve your band score, increase your score by following these simple IELTS speaking tips and tricks. Here we have collected the top 10 IELTS speaking tips to increase your IELTS speaking score:

Be fluent and liberated:

Speak fluently and effortlessly. You will get more points. Do not worry too much about using clever terminology, it is more important to be fluent. But do not even speak too early and mind your grammar You should find a “healthy balance” between speaking very fast and staying up for a long time.

Practice answering sample questions:

Generally, you will be asked about everyday topics, such as work, studies, sports, family and so on. You should try to answer the questions IELTS speaks before examinations. You will be surprised how simple they are! You just need to learn the appropriate terminology and understand what you will answer.

Ask the question again if you need to:

If you want to clarify something, do not be embarrassed. You will not lose points to ask the examiner.

Be emotional:

Speak with feelings. As the voice of speech, the experienced speaker does not separate from the initial. Express your feelings as you would use your native language.

Extend your speech:

Try speaking less with the examiner. If you are asked a question using a sentence, answer with two or more. And never give short, uncommunicative replies:

Examiner: Do you do any sport?

You: No, I do not like sports … [Do not stop there!] I’m not a very active person and I never liked P.E. In school. But I like playing intellectual games instead. For example, I find chess very interesting.

Be coherent:

Use linking words and structures., words and phrases like, however, in all, besides this, moreover enrich your speech.

Give yourself time to think:

If you are unsure how to answer the question, then you can use this tip to give yourself a little more time to think. First of all, you can say: “This is a difficult question… “, “I’ve never thought about it before… ” or “this is an interesting question… “. In this way you will have some extra time to plan your answer. You can also improve the question:

Examiner: What was your favorite book in childhood?

You: Which book did I like as a child? Let me see…

Made a mistake? Don’t panic:

If you made a mistake – do not panic! Try to correct yourself as quickly as possible. And if you can not – just keep speaking, you will not lose many points for some mistakes.

Make a good first impression:

Look good, smell good and feel good. Have confidence. While this may not seem very important, a strong first impression will go a long way.

Don’t learn answers by heart:

Testers are able to determine whether you speak independently or you have memorized the answer before your interview. Learning the full script is a bad idea. Instead, it is better to learn different words and colloquy and to adopt them in your speech.

So these are some tips for IELTS Speaking, for more tips and strategies, you can join a Best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh, where you can get the help of their Expert Faculties for Your Speaking practice, also they can help you in finding your mistakes and improving them.

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