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Top 8 Most Trendy Home Renovation Ideas This Year with Glass Interior

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The quest to selecting a suitable design for the renovation of your house is at the very least challenging. Owing largely to the difficulties associated with selecting a design; especially as the internet is filled with pictures and pictures of breath-taking interior decorations involving different materials.

From the use of corner glass shelves in areas you never thought possible to vintage themed wooden bar arrangements. The mental energy required to successfully pull off a home renovation these days may be likened to the requirements needed to win a marathon. (Ok, that was a long shot, but you get the idea) It really is tasking. 

While there are quite a number of trendy home renovation ideas this year, most of the renovation ideas involving glass interiors are simply breath-taking. Hence the reason for this article which makes an effort to highlight the topmost trendy home renovation ideas which have made use of glass interiors.

From glass mosaic tiles to the use of recycled glass to provide transparent interior designs and space dividers in a bid to enhance modern apartment ideas while ensuring a sustainable home design. Here are eight of the trendiest home renovation ideas this year with glass interior:

1. Corner Glass Shelves:

The use of corner glass shelves over the years has become quite commonplace, thanks to modern technological advancements with regards to glass processing and manufacturing.

Why Corner glass shelves you ask?

Initially restricted to bathroom areas, corner glass shelves have evolved into an option for homeowners who seek a versatile, stylish yet eco-friendly living space. If you intend to reflect a perfect blend of modern architecture and contemporary lifestyle trends, then corner glass shelves might just be for you.

In the bathroom, in the living area and in your bedroom, you can inculcate corner glass shelves ensuring a simple, yet sophisticated outlook.

2.  Recycled Glass Space Dividers 

In a time when all people seem to speak about, are sustainability in designs, these recycled glass space dividers enrich your home interior with doses of creativity and eye-catching accents.

They also tend to make your space seem larger than it actually is, and allow for more natural light, especially when used as an interface between spaces which are subject to the rays of natural light.

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3.  Transitional Function  

Do you have an open plan home which you would like to renovate without taking away the enticing appeal of an open space design? These are exactly what clear glass walls are designed for. Simply make use of glass dividers and contemporary furniture to ensure a functional yet alluringly beautiful open layout. Even words may fail to fully describe just how beautiful these tend to turn out when executed properly.

4.  Show off Your Trophies with Clear Glass

Those trophies were won to be displayed, why hide them in the shadows? There awesome wine gallery or perhaps a library collection worth dying for. Why hide them behind the shadows?

Afraid that touchy people might fiddle with your collections? Worry no more; rather, install glass dividers between your living area and the room where you have your collections. That way, they’ll have a clear view of your prized collectibles without you having to deal with touchy folk.

Alternatively, you could simply make use of corner shelves installed strategically in your living area to display your collections and bask in the exhalations of envious friends and neighbours.

5. Noisy neighbours? Welcome Acoustic Glass

At some point, you have had to deal with the neighbours who would make your life miserable by the sheer decibels of noise emanating from their quarters every single day. It becomes worse if you have an infant, as you have to cuddle these little ones to sleep every time your neighbour feels it’s ok to play his “famous” rock single at ungodly hours of the night. Thankfully, there is an acoustic glass which is basically glass consisting of more than a sheet of glass. This is arguably the best solution for homes within noise polluted areas as the interlayers serve as noise controllers, mitigating the noise coming from outside.

6.  Use Energy Efficient Glass

If your renovation ideas include the use of glass, perhaps a lot of glass, then you may want to opt trending prom dresses for these energy efficient glasses especially if you live in areas with extreme temperatures.

While these energy efficient glasses provide a contemporary feel to your home. They also prevent heat from escaping in winter and keep the heat out in summer, hence, your air-conditioning or heating bills need not hit the rooftops.

7. Get Yourself a Splash back

Having difficulty cleaning the standard tiles around your sink? Get yourself a splash back, as they are extremely easy to clean, and can very easily be the focal point of your kitchen area if you are aesthetically concerned about your kitchen.

8.  Mirrored Wardrobes

If your aims are to add depth to your home or to widen small spaces by reflecting light, then mirrored wardrobes might be your best bet or Mirrored walls for that matter.

These special glass mirrored wardrobes can be cut to fit your needs, whatever they may be, plus they add a certain bit of allure to your ordinary wardrobe or walls.

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