Honeymoon Destinations In India

What Are The Honeymoon Destinations In India?

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Are you planning for a honeymoon? Then check out the exciting and excellent honeymoon destinations in India. When comes to honeymoon there are a lot of romantic spots are situated. You no need to spend much of cost even within the estimated amount you can travel and enjoy your honeymoon days. at the affordable cost, you can able to easily visit this place and enjoy a lot. No other countries honeymoon destination can match with the romantic Indian spots thus have a look and then decide.

List of the honeymoon destinations in India you can choose:

Jammu and Kashmir:

Kashmir is the place for romance nothing can stand in front of the natural scenic and stunning beauty. It is the spot for honeymooners all the places will completely cover with green. Over the green, a white layer of snow will be capped. It is the beauty of Kashmir. If you choose this place then you can do ride on Dal Lake, exploring on the golf course in Gulmarg, hilltop at patnitop and there are so many temples are also located.


Not only at present Mussoorie is the famous spot for honeymooner from before. It will help you to have an amazing honeymoon day. This place will really attract you by means of captivating beauty. In this place so many resorts, churches, libraries, and many more tourist spots are available. For honeymooners especially special staying places are available. That means you can sleep by seeing nature and the moon.


Auli is the best place to have an adventurous and exciting honeymoon. In this place, you can do a lot of activities. Especially in this place, an artificial lake is located for skiing. If you visit here then you can enjoy skiing to the best. Because it is the place for ski here a lofty of ski resorts are available. Auli is located in the peak height. You all set to visit this place on any of the season such as summer, monsoon, and winter. In all the seasons it looks great and will give you an excellent experience of playing the snow slopes.

In order to slope in the better way in the artificial lake fresh water is provided to the snow gun. It is the world largest manmade lake and here you will undergo largest cable car ride as well. it will be conducted at a distance of 500 meters. So you will fly over the snowy surface of Auli. Along with even more activities like trekking, hiking and many more will be done.


Almora is the tiny hill town and it is located in the hills of Himalayas. In this place, you can see snowy mountains and many more valleys as well. if you are devotional one then Almora is the right choice why because it has so many temples. Along with you will enjoy the natural sceneries reside in this place. It will give you a soothing honeymoon experience.

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