What do IB tutorial centres have to offer

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Let’s begin by What do IB tutorial centres have to offer

IB tutorial centres are becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. HKExcel is definite a pioneer in this field. In the year 2013, HKExcel started with a vision to become a leading tutorial Centre and the first tutorial centre in Hong Kong to only focus on the IB.

IB tutorial centres like HKExcel offers tremendous value for IB students. The main value we provide are:
Reduced stress levels for IB students. This is because we simplify things tremendously for students. We use layman terms to explain complicated academic concepts. Our goal is always to make things simpler for IB students. Moreover, we teach students how to do do exam questions, which is often not taught thoroughly in school. By attending our class, students know what to expect in their exams. Thus, their stress will be decreased dramatically.

Enhanced results for IB students. Thousands of students have attended HKExcel to get a boost in their IB grade by 1 level or more. Our classes are always focused on exam skills. For example, we teach IB students how to tackle each type of IB question for a particular subject. Moreover we teach students how to revise more effectively.

For example, how to schedule you studying sessions and the activities you should do in each session. Besides the IB exam, the internal assessments are also a very unique and important part in the IB curriculum. The internal assessment often requires students to do a lot of independent thinking and research. Moreover, school teachers often will not give much instructions to their students about how to do an internal assessment well.

This is the reason why many students are left confused about how to do their IA. Our IB experts will always strive to provide detailed, concrete and specific advice to our students to get a level 7 in their IAs.

At first, HKExcel only offered IB tuition for IB math, economics, Chemistry, Biology and English. After the first 2 years of operations, we have expanded into offering all IB subjects, including Chinese, ESS, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Business, Economics, Math, history etc.

For all of the subjects above, our centre will provide subject-specific experts, who have a bachelor’s degree in the particular subject, and subject-specific training from our head of subjects. Obviously, the teaching approach for various subjects will be slightly different for each subject.

Besides help on boosting IB grades, HKExcel, a leading IB tutorial centre, also offers university admissions help. After all, the main reason why IB students wish to obtain a good IB score is to secure a place in a top university. However, it is important to understand that good grades are not enough to get into a top university. There are a lot more that goes into it. Some students can get a great IB score only to get into a slightly above average university.

Our university application consulting service helps students in multiple stages of the application process.
University selection: IB students often have difficulties picking which university to apply for. Obviously they want to aim high, but in a realistic way. Moreover, they want to pick a university that fits them. Our Uni app consulting team is familiar with universities world-wide, including their requirements and their culture.

We will give concrete advice to students about which universities they should try to apply for Internship and extra-curricular arrangement: extracurriculars and internships can help students get into top universities by impressing the admissions officer.

However, students often have difficulties picking the best extra-curricular activities with the greatest leverage. Moreover, it is often difficult for students to get the best kinds of internships. HKExcel have partnered with over 100 firms to offer internships to our students.

Personal statement assistance: Personal statement is the essay that students use to apply for universities in the UK and HK. In US, the equivalent is called the admission essays. These essays help admissions officers to evaluate a student’s critical thinking skills and background.

Our experts have experience themselves in getting into top universities. They know exactly what it takes to make a personal statement stand out. We aim to help our students to do the same

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