Why should you own Amit Bhar paintings?

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Amit Bhar is a famous Indian artist. He does amazing works with watercolours and oils colours. He also does wonderful acrylic paintings. His paintings are more famous around the world. He has been inspired by the beauty of Bengal as a child. He started his amateur works of art as a very little child. 

Amit Bhar was born and brought up in Bengal. The artworks he creates was an inspiration of the rustic beauty. As a child, he used to fill his notebooks with amazing pictures of nature. He sustained his interest and got graduated on arts and crafts from the Kolkata Government College.

These are the special reasons to buy the art of Amit Bhar

1)They look amazing on the walls

The colours used by Amit Bhar are so natural. He takes extra care to choose colours and textures. Since the paintings are realistic they look amazing on the walls. The Paintings give life to the dull walls of the home or office. Since Amit Bhar does a lot of abstract art, we can adorn the wall and add beauty to the place.

2)Pride of ownership

Amit Bhar is a famous Indian artist. It is certainly a pride to own the work of an Indian artist who has reached greater heights in the field. His paintings aren’t very costly for the amazing hard work he puts in it. It is certainly a pride to own an authentic work of a renowned artist.

3)Calms the mind

Amit Bhar creates divine energy in his paintings. He could paint the picture of Buddha or Krishna and give spiritual energy to it. The abstract works soothe the mind and soul. If the paintings are in the living room of home the people would feel less stressed while looking at it. The paintings will be loved and it will calm the minds of the visitors if it is kept in the restaurants.

4)Not very expensive

Amit Bhar put his heart and soul into the work. He creates paintings with intricate details. He is a versatile artist who has the ability to paint in any subject. Though he is a well renowned and talented artist he does not sell his painting for a very high price. Amit bhar paintings don’t cost more than a lack. The price is not very expensive for the amazing work.

5)The paintings are authentic         

Amit Bhar is extremely creative. He created his own artworks as a very young child. The paintings do not reflect the style of any other great artist. So, it is nice to appreciate the nuances of the art and buy the art done by the famous Indian artist. It is a gift to buy authentic work and adorn our walls.

6)The details are expressed with care

Amit Bhar chooses the texture of the paint with care. The paintings done by him do not miss even the minute details. He is known for using amazing watercolours in the paintings of nature. The paintings will have even the minute details such as water droplets expressed in an amazing way. When we buy a painting with fine details it will look more realistic on the walls. Even the abstract art of human forms by Amit Bhar will have all the intricate details expressed.


Amit Bhar holds the pride of being formally trained by well-renowned artists. It will be a pride to own his paintings. On buying his amazing paintings we are crediting the hard work and intricate details that he has produced in his works.

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